Sand, Sea and Shade!



Fresh from their trip to the beach on Monday, Lime class turned the forest into Southend/the Aquarium, to try and keep cool. Space Burger turned into Beach Burger, a blue tarp was placed on the floor for sea and someone made a realistic looking Velociraptor (which was in the museum). There was also a delicious stew shop opened!



It was a beach day for Willow too. They put the tarp in the old digging zone and began trying to fill it up with water…but the buckets have too many holes in! They ingeniously filled the buckets with bags and mud and the sea grew. When it was full enough they threw logs in to watch them splash. There was also a surfboard/face paint/shell shop!



It was the type of day for cooling down, so the little ones tried their best not to run and stay in the very shadiest parts of the forest. The painted stones and shells made an appearance and they spent the majority of the session trying to recover all of the lost ones and counting to see how many more they needed to find. They also climbed/dangled, found their own kind of treasure and became fire fighters!



The stones and shells were also top of Beech class’ priorities along with staying in the shade. They also spoke coastlines and fishing. Most of them dangled ropes and caught lots of fish including the elusive ‘grey salmon’! There was a fisherman’s sandwich shop, fishing rod makers and a very cool boat!



The heat had reached brand new levels and Maple did an incredible job at staying in the shade. They loved searching for the stones and shells, which kept them slow! They then split up into some small groups and climbed, took turns on the swing and made a ‘curtain’ to keep cool!