Saving the World

Some major and exciting-looking parcels arrived for the Early Years children this week:

They could hardly believe their eyes! Since then they have been busy exploring their AMAZING new blocks (and the packaging, of course!)

These were funded, in part, by the Easter ‘Guess how many eggs?’ competition (a component of the blocks are the wonderful, waterproof ramps)  – so a major thank you to everyone who took part in that!

Our latest theme has got off to a flying start and the children are showing a great deal of interest in ‘Saving the World’.  Libby has shared some wonderful new stories with us and it is so good to hear all the thoughts, ideas and knowledge that the children have concerning global warming, recycling/reusing and the need for us all to play a part in making the planet a better place.

We have been busy practising using the digraphs that we have learned in phonics and all about building numbers to 20.

We also found time to relax with some yoga.

We look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday for your parent consultations when we can share someof this amazing learning with you.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!