School’s Boring…!

Good afternoon all,

I hope everyone is keeping well during these extraordinary times. School is definitely an eerie and boring place without all of you children- who knew! But, I think it’s extremely important that you follow all the guidelines and stay at home and be safe. We are missing you all so much and it’s so delightful to get emails about how you are getting on! Everyone seems to be enjoying starting the day with sport, we may have to think how we can keep this up when we return to school! We are looking into how we can post a video link to do some sport challenges so watch this space…!

But for the moment here is a suggestion for you all.  I am encouraging everyone to keep a diary of their own activities, experiences and feelings throughout this difficult time.  This can also be done in note form and with illustrations! Keeping a diary can also help keep your spirits up at this time of disruption of our day-to-day routines.  Remember to focus your energy on staying positive and active.  Make the most of the great outdoors if you can during your permitted daily exercise time.

Although diaries are usually only for the person who is writing them, we would like to invite you to share an occasional entry.  Maybe send in your diary entry if you have done something particularly special in your day that you think could inspire others, make them smile or send a hopeful or mindful message.  Please send entries you would like to be shared to the usual email address:

Ms Connolly