‘Science is magic that works!’

‘Oh, it’s magic!’ …‘No, it’s Science!’ How wonderful to hear such enthusiastic scientists at work! In Science this week, we learnt about refraction and we performed many experiments to see refraction for ourselves. We discovered that, as the light entered a glass of water, the light changed direction making the image appear different.

In PSHE, we discussed the risks we take every day and how to evaluate risks as well as emotional risks. How risky do you think it would be to sing a solo in front of the whole school? We enjoyed debating the risk factors and showed how risky we thought different situations feel for us as individuals by standing at different points along a continuum.

In Maths, we continued our work on statistics reading and interpreting pie charts and calculating the mean average. When it comes to us showing the correct answer to a question, we don’t sit on it. There’s nothing like hopping in a Maths lesson to show which answer you think is correct! We are demonstrating fabulous oracy by explaining our method of working clearly and building on what we have previously learnt.

Wednesday 4th May – May the fourth be with you!...’This is when the fun begins.’  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…we stepped into the forest as it was time to channel our inner Jedi. As lightsabers were drawn and models of R2-D2 were constructed, Princess Leia kept watch!

In PE this week, the debate about the best way to serve continued off the court and into the classroom. Do you know the top of the cricket bat from the bottom? Where should you place your dominant hand on the bat? Great discussions and debate over technique as well as a fabulous work out.

“Your dominant hand is placed lower than the other hand on the cricket bat.”

“When batting, you hit the ball at an angle so it goes further.”

“If the ball bounces more than once before it gets to the batsman, it’s a ‘no ball’ “

Enjoy a relaxing weekend, Year 6. See you all for breakfast on Monday morning at 8.15am.