Science week and learning together!

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a great Easter break and enjoyed a taste of summer.

The new term kicked off with Science week when the children had some special visitors.  What a privilege to be able to watch chicks hatching out before our very eyes – the children were captivated.

During the week we had a dinosaur show in the Science dome and an exciting workshop from Fab Science which involved magic tricks with water, milk bottles and ping pong balls! Oh and some fun with a leaf blower and some loo roll………

This week we have been learning together with an art theme and have introduced our new topic “All around the world”

As we are now into the month of May, our Year Two children might have mentioned to you that we have begun to do some tests.  These are kept as informal as possible and are not the only way in which we make our assessments of the children. They are administered very carefully in ways which suit the age and abilities of the children and will be completed before the half term holiday.  Please feel free to pop in for a chat if you need to know more or if you have any concerns.  In the meantime – lots of sleep, fresh air, exercise, water and healthy meals and snacks will always help children to do their best at school!