Science week, class trip and more!

It has been a super busy week as usual in Beech! We started the week by studying instructions and figuring out what the key elements were to this type of writing. We looked at different sets of instructions and rehearsed what we did last week in order to make our own wormeries. The children did a wonderful job of using ‘bossy verbs’ to keep their instructions short and clear. After orally rehearsing them and acting them out, the children set off to write them down. They did a fantastic job with writing their instructions and should feel very proud of themselves.

This week has also been British Science Week! We enjoyed carrying out a few experiments and looking at videos and photos to get our scientific minds going. The children took on the roles of investigators by looking at different pieces of evidence to a case of a stolen piece of fruit. They had to work together to determine who the guilty suspect was and present what evidence they had to support this. We then helped them have a debate and use counter-arguments to support or oppose one another’s theories. This exercise was really popular with the children and showed them how evidence doesn’t always make something a fact. We also carried out an experiment to see if there was a connection between age and hand size. This was interesting because although the hand sized did increase with age, it wasn’t always consistent. The children shared many different theories about why this could be the case and developed their investigation skills greatly.

In Maths we worked on counting in 2s in Year One and in Year 2 we finished our statistics and began learning about fractions. The children are great problem solvers and enjoy using concrete materials such as Legos to help them problem solve. Here are the Year 2 children making 3D block diagrams to present data.

Last but certainly not least, we went on our class trip to Stansted Mountfitchet Castle! It was a beautiful day that was absolutely perfect for our trip. The children used their previous learning about castles to identify the different parts of the Motte and Bailey and let their imaginations run wild as they pretended to be knights defending the castle. They really enjoyed petting the many animals that were roaming free and just getting to spend the whole day outside exploring. Their behaviour was impeccable as always and they did a truly brilliant job of representing themselves and our school. Well done children, we are so proud of you!