Significant People

This week in Beech Class we have continued learning about Rosa Parks and looking further into why she is considered a significant person. The Year One children built upon their timeline they completed last week by discussing each key event in detail, in talk partners and whole group discussion. They placed photographs from Rosa’s life onto posters and matched the photos to dates. Year Two created posters about Rosa Parks and labelled each photograph with either captions or sentences. They also matched dates to each photograph so that the audience would be able to see when each event took place. All of Beech Class is now able to explain why Rosa Parks is a significant person. Be sure to ask your child when you get a moment over the weekend!

In Phonics, the Year 1 children have learnt 4 new sounds in Phase 5: ay (play) , ie (tie), ou (cloud), ea (treat). I’m sure the children would love to practise these with you too! In Year 2, the children went on a ‘digraph hunt’! We looked for ‘ea’ and ‘ee’ words and sorted them into two groups.


In Maths, the children have been working on place value. Year One have experimented with different ways of making ten by using tens frames and various objects to make ten. They used the phrase ‘one more’ and ‘more than’ to describe numbers. Year Two have used Dienes cubes and Numicon to help them break numbers to 100 down into 10s and 1s. They have enjoyed the challenge of finding different ways of making numbers and have impressed us with how much they progressed with this in such a short span of time.



In Music, we have been learning about how to keep the beat. We have been listening to Colonel Hathi’s March from the Jungle Book and have enjoyed playing our instruments in time to the music. We also listened to the March of the Toy Soldiers from the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky and responded to either marching like the soldiers or galloping like the horses.



We had a fantastic Learning Together morning with our parents, grandparents and carers. The children were showing our visitors how brilliant we are at Place Value. The year 1s were counting backwards using Numicon, teddy bears and cubes. They were writing  their answers using figures and words. The Year 2s were showing how well they can partition numbers up to 100 using part-whole models.  Thank you to everyone that visited. The children loved it and it was a wonderful start to our learning.  We are looking forward to seeing you again at the next one!