‘Why is it snowing? It’s March.’ A very valid point from one of the Willow class donning their waterproofs for a very soggy session! Despite their initial disappointment that no snow was settling, Willow made the most of the forest. One group set about making an incredible shelter and were hellbent on using every tarp in the shed to make it as dry as possible. A second group were less keen to get out of the way of the snow and made ‘chocolate formula’ that had to be just the right amount of gloopy…



Lime were interested in what ‘special days’ were happening around the world, so we consulted the internet and found 13 different things! Their challenge was to see if they could turn any of them ‘foresty’ and they did an excellent job. Some made a butterfly sanctuary for butterfly day, other swept the floor and made piles of leaves for farmer day. There were also 2 versions of Disneyland created! They made various games and rides but then turned into rivals! They asked people to vote for their favourite and luckily it was a draw!



What floats and what sinks? That was the question posed to the children today. They scampered around the forest finding one floating thing and one sinking thing. They picked up leaves, small sticks and wood chippings for the floating pile and lots of stones and stumps (which very surprisingly floated!) for the sinking pile. It was great fun splashing the items into the bucket and it wasn’t long before the water was on the ground and being jumped in. The double swing was very popular and they found another tired bee in need of some sugar water.



The rain had started to come down and Beech needed to put up a shelter. They got the biggest tarp and flung it over a branch with some help. They began tying some rope to hold it up but then most of them realised they wanted to play in the rain and had no interest in staying dry! Some made a great pulley system to lift rope into the tree. A huge group made their way into the fort and really enjoyed watching the diggers making the gardens of the new houses.



It was a soggy afternoon but Maple were in fine form and ready to turn one of the 13 things that were special about this week ‘foresty’. They managed to get quite a lot done and there wasn’t as much slipping over as there could have been! They thoroughly enjoyed the blossom on the trees and a huge group also liked the decking that Willow were making in the fort. They collected as much bark as they could to ‘line the floor’ and dug out the entrance to make it wider. Some might be living in there soon!