Spa Days and Takeaways…


After seeing how much the eldest members of the school enjoyed the advert game, Lime tried their hand! They thought of numerous imaginative products both forest related and not and worked really well together. A very comprehensive shelter was made too, with some brilliant knots in preparation for some incoming rain. Of course a McDonalds opened up, which sold all the well known favourites.



Willow were in the middle of SATs week, so were in dire need of a spa break. They lay on the ground using leaves as cucumber slices and took turns decorating each other with mud! Not sure how relaxing it was but it was certainly fun. A few carried on the Star Wars games from last week and 2 great shelters. (1 was a Jedi temple of course)



Tangelina (Thumbelina’s cousin) had visited the forest and tied all the rope around the trees, so the little ones set to work untying everything. We were also visited by a family of blue tits who were flying in and out of the bird box on the side of the shed. Some really pushed themselves doing some excellent climbing and there was a tea party too!



Beech spoke about Friday 13th being bad luck and decided that that was nonsense and that this was a good vibes only zone. They found a 4 leaf clover, horse shoes and made some good luck dumplings! The peelers also made an appearance and a large group enjoyed peeling for most of the session. There was also a chocolate stew and a potion made by some cave men!



After seeing beech peeling, Maple wanted to get in on the action, so out came the knives! They had a whittling 101 lesson, explaining how to sit and use the knives safely, before a few group sat and whittled for most of the session. The tree climbing club from the previous week seemed to continue, as well as some digging in the digging zone.