Special places and a Lazy King

During forest this week, the children created special places for our little creatures! We have been thinking about how different places are special to different people and this came into the children’s minds as they created their structures. They thought about how some animals would want to live up in a nest and how others would prefer holes in the ground. The children even thought about what food they might provide for their creature to make their home even more special!

We have been enjoying all sorts of weather this week! The children loved listening to the rain hammering down on our outdoor canopy on Tuesday and could not wait to rush outside once the storm had passed for a spot of puddle jumping! They noticed that the rain must have fallen very hard because it was very noisy and the puddles were very deep. The children have enjoyed lots of different activities outside, from playing with the safari animals and babies to developing complex games of ‘the floor is lava’ beneath the trees!

We have also been using our scientific eyes to study shells! The children decided that they wanted to sort the shells, at first by size. However, as they looked more closely and felt them in their hands, they noticed that the shells had different textures, patterns and colours. They took a particular interest in the ‘shiny rainbow’ shells, and learnt a new word to describe them: iridescent! We remembered how the Rainbow Fish had iridescent scales and made links with our previous learning in this way.

As we approach the end of the school year, we are thinking more and more about growing up. During circle time, we spoke about how there are things that we can’t quite do yet but that we will be able to do in the future! We also thought about how we might grow physically, and the children enjoyed exploring the sizes of different children’s feet and seeing if it was related to how old they were.

We have also been thinking about positional language in maths and have enjoyed giving each other instructions to follow during choosing time!

Now, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll end with a story, written, illustrated and dramatised by Ash and Saplings class:

Once upon a time, there lived a lazy King called King Harold. He lived in an enormous castle and snored very loudly. One day, he heard a loud knock at the door. It was an evil wizard! He began to cast a spell on the lazy king, to make him disappear! Luckily, the king reached for his own wand, just in time, shouting his spell aloud… ABRACADABRA, I WILL TURN YOU INTO A FROG! Suddenly… poof! The wizard turned into a frog and hopped away, ribbiting as he went. From then on, the kind decided never to be lazy again. The end.