Stars, Stripes and Knots!


4th of July celebrations, knots and a whole heap of amazing shelters!


The day before was American Independence day, so Lime indulged in some chocolate cake making and American food shops. One shop was built superbly with stumps balanced and lined up for walls. They made lots of money (leaves) that was stored in a money box (a stump with a hole in). Elsewhere a dead mouse was found, a swing was built and someone turned into a sloth that you could pet for one leaf!



Some of Willow decided to re-enact the battles of 1776 and became American generals! A cool shelter went up using tarp wrapped round and tree which was mainly used for ‘4th July massages’, which basically meant getting poked with a stick for a minute… There were also a lot of fairy pillows and whittling too, along with the digging zone being drenched and dug up.



Ash and Sapling’s knot tying skills were put to the test today! They went off and found some sticks and tried their hand at some overhand and double overhand knots. The older ones were more successful and then tried to help any friends that were struggling. It was very hot so they decided putting up a shelter would be a good idea and a cool den was built with a leaf fire!



Beech were more confident with the knots and everyone managed a double overhand. Those that needed some more help decided to stay behind to perfect them and really seemed to enjoy their earned success. They then put their knot skills to the test and built an incredible shelter. They loved the swing that Lime had built and tried hard to wiggle up it like two rungs of a ladder.



Building dens to stay cool was the aim for Maple too as, once again the temperature had really started to soar. They built a fantastic shelter with a roof and a wall. Inside, it was furnished with stump seats and a table. ‘Eagle Eye’ continues to be a very popular game for Maple and a few games were played with some brilliant hiding spots found.