#Stemisim at Little Hadham

Each year, the 11th of February marks an international celebration of women and girls in science and STEM and the contributions they make in their field. As you may know, there is a huge gender gap between men and women in Science! Also, there are even less girls and women across sciences such as Physics, Chemistry and so on. These subjects are really important because they affect every aspect of our lives and the world around us. As a school we are committed to ensuring that gender should not be a barrier to participating and contributing to the world of scientific research or any other subject.

Therefore, today at Little Hadham we celebrated International Women and Girls in Science Day with some female sixth formers from Hockerhill School. In an assembly they discussed the different science subjects they are studying and the area of science they wish to study at university. An ex pupil of ours Una, did a very exciting WOW experiment. It was a huge success and we also discovered a few potential future scientists amongst us! One of the quotes from the ‘Hockerhill Steminists’ was, ‘It was a brilliant opportunity to meet some of the minds of the future and though we set out to inspire the next generation, their enthusiasm inspired us to continue being curious about all our fields of study. #steminism’