Stolen Newspaper Article!

This week, the museum allowed us to borrow a very old and important newspaper article from 300 years ago! It is priceless so we had to use gloves to handle it so it would not damage or tear.  It is worth a million pounds so we have to take good care of it. However, some cheeky pirates have stolen it from us! We are worried because we don’t have a million pounds to give to the museum. Therefore, we have hatched a sneaky plan to create an identical replica to give back to the museum.


To do this, we have started learning about newspaper articles in English and even started reporting on local pirate sightings. Snappy headlines, picture captions and lots of facts are very important to remember in our article writing. In art, we have been experimenting with how to make our paper look as old as possible for the perfect replica. We have used tea staining and scrunching to create the best effects possible.

We have also started learning about Captain James Cook and his discovery of Australia. We have loved writing questions for him and then wearing our captain hats to answer them as if we were Captain Cook himself. In maths, we have focused on positions and all sorts of turns. To tackle our obstacle course, we needed to use instructions with lots of keywords such as “left”, “right”, “quarter turn” and “three quarter turn”.