Stone finding competition!



The 20 stones were hidden in the forest and they were determined to beat the previous record of 16 stones and after a long and thorough search, they found 17! Elsewhere, a group created a brand new theme park featuring; a Spiderman swing, Jurassic Park log flume and Elastagirl Limbo! Entry cost 50 brown leaves, which was very expensive. A museum of Forest artefacts was founded with all kinds of fossils and stones with rich ancient history. A Harry Potter play was also performed and some made Father Christmas’ dinner!




Willow were not put off by Lime nearly finding all of the painted stones. They got their heads literally and figuratively down and kept on looking. Every once a while a cry of ‘ANOTHER ONE’ was heard until they crept closer to the magic number. Once they’d found the 18th stone, they decided that was enough hard work and didn’t find any more! They enjoyed the tent made by a Lime foresteer, collected slugs in pots and then started the Willow arm wrestling championship which was highly entertaining.




The rain was falling this morning but that didn’t stop Ash and Saplings from getting in the forest and searching for the stones! They rustled through piles of leaves and found so many of them! They fixed the swing and began hanging from it and started to use another swing as a see saw, which brought lots of giggles! They also found a worm and were very excited to parade it around and show everyone. A small group also played an imagination based alien game which slowly turned into aliens and witches!




The rain meant that no tree climbing could take place this morning, so Beech class made sure they filled their time with lots of other foresty stuff! The digging zone was incredibly popular and they were getting very muddy indeed. They filled a whole bucket full of worms and squishy mud for them to play in! They were also determined to find all of the stones and had filled the bag up by the end of the session. There was also a pair of train drivers aboard a giant stick, stopping in various places then chugging around the forest…




The rain had eased up by the afternoon and left behind the perfect mud for making things! The main attraction of the day was pie decorating. They covered some stumps with mud and then began to stick various things to them, one design was called the ‘leaning tower of pizza’ and was a pizza flavoured pie! There were also mud faces made on trees, one temporarily had a worm for a mouth but they quickly decided that was a bad idea… They got to work searching for the stones too and beat their record from last week!