Stones, sticks and other bits…


Lime class ended up having a very varied forest session and seemed to accomplish a lot in a short space of time! They created and put on their own shows (one was a musical about a gymnast), started a smoothie cafe (which they’d also made last week) and made a mini business where you could complete jobs for vast sums of leaves! The newest weekly game seems to be ‘among us’, and they went around the forest calling ’emergency meeting’ for a large portion of the session.



Writing and rehearsals have started ramping up for the end of year show, so after singing a few songs, Willow hit the forest! They have been feeling quite nostalgic about their last few forest sessions before secondary school and seem to be trying to do the things that they used to like doing. They dug  in the digging zone while some climbed for the entire session. Some made a very confusing secret handshake that would get longer and trickier every 5 minutes! Some just sat in their favourite spots and chatted.



Tangelina is back! At the start of the year the fiendish rope tangling fairy (and Thumbelina’s cousin) took all of the rope out of the bag and tied it in some tricky knots to all the trees. After seeing their efforts to free ‘stick man’ last week, she thought it was time to put them through their paces once more. They bounded off to collect the rope and worked together to get some higher pieces off. They then made themselves busy using the rope to make rope swings and fishing rods!



Beech class enjoyed the fact that it was ‘Meteor Watch Day’ today and searched on the ground for any special white pieces of Meteor. Others dug and collected treasure (stones, sticks and other bits) that they sold off for leaves. The tree was very popular and some were really pushing themselves to new heights and took great pride in telling each other that they beat their record! In other news, word was spreading that a half grizzly/half polar bear had been spotted in the forest. It was invisible, so we should all be pretty worried.



It was a bit chilly in the forest for the last day of June, so Maple asked to play ‘Eagle Eye’ to warm up. They scurried off around the forest to fine the best hiding spots and at one point there were 16 people to find! Elsewhere, the pots were out again and a mini ecosystem was made filled to the brim with bugs, beetles and anything else that moved. A small group found a broken stump and began to chip away at it until they discovered a few larvae wriggling around, the kept chipping until they found 9 munching away on the log!