Sun, soil and speedy moves!

The children have been hard at work this week, learning lots of different things during lessons and in their own choosing time! In phonics, Ash class have been learning some tricky trigraphs this week, including earair and ure and Saplings have started practising blending with the sounds zs and a. We have also been enjoying playing with the fire fighting role play outside, and have made great use of a giant piece of card as a house, complete with windows and a fire exit sign!

We have also been working hard to solve mathematical problems during our own choosing time, working out which bricks we need in our construction projects and estimating how many goes we might have left during a board game!

The children have loved learning about healthy eating this week and enjoyed creating healthy plates of food. They were tasked with discussing whether or not they agreed with one another that Mrs Lawrence could eat cake all day long… The general consensus was that Mrs Lawrence needs to make sure she eats healthy foods and only have cake as a treat, rather than every day. The children were very convincing with their reasoning and helped me to change my mind!

The warmer weather has been a happy treat for us all but Mrs Davies is particularly excited! The children were really keen to get our garden up and running, and helped Mrs Davies to fill pots and planters with compost, ready for planting. Apple seeds were gathered from snack time and we are hopeful that we might see some little seedlings over the coming weeks (as long as those pesky little rabbits don’t have a nibble!)

The children have also been doing a brilliant job developing their PE skills with Matt. This week, they practised moving in and around hoops, bouncing, rolling and catching balls and building confidence with changing direction as they move. They did a great job at listening, even when they were moving very quickly!