Despite the fact it was July and the trees were too wet to climb, Lime were very busy! They didn’t let the damp weather get them down and set about trying to make their own golf course. They’re getting very good at this now and were working on getting the angles right to hit the ball off of a stone and into the hole. A number of tasty muddy treats were made and they loved putting water in the digging zone to help give them more ingredients. Finally, a group sat and whittled very carefully on the stumps and loved showing off how safe they could be.



Beech were very pleased to see the remains of a golf course and found sticks to play a few rounds before having their own adventures. Some were obsessed with finding gems and were scrambling around trying to search out stones with the most interesting shapes and colours. They even found some pottery! The main focus for one group was helping to build the muddiest wedding cake. They used the wet mud from the digging zone and worked as an excellent team to cover a stump in mud and then beautifully decorate it!



Quick, Tangleina has tied all the ropes up again! The pesky cousin of Thumbelina had paid a visit to the forest and taken all the rope from the forest bag and put it in the trees this morning! Ash and Saplings set to work right away making sure that all rope was returned to its rightful place. They even forgot it was raining for a little bit. They then used the rope to make several houses, some for humans and some for Tangleina before finishing with some high spirited games of hide and seek!



Den building was the order of the day for Maple class. They worked tirelessly to bring their shelter back to life and used pretty much every tarp they could get their hands on. The team was probably about 10 children strong and they very quickly made walls into rooves with some very good knot tying skills (and a little bit of careful balancing). Elsewhere, the knives have become very popular and sticks were being whittled to make all manner of items including conducting batons. The several foot swings were also made and tricks were being performed in the trees.