Testing times? Not for us!

We are so very proud of our Year 6 pupils this week. They have all risen beautifully to the challenge of SATs week and taken each day of tests in their stride. The children have embraced the tests with great positivity and huge smiles. Of course, the daily SATs breakfast (complete with delicious homemade bagels –thank you, Henry!) has certainly helped. Somehow, breakfast with your friends just gets the day off to the best of starts!

When the tests were over, we celebrated with a well-deserved hot chocolate and curled up with a good book! Just perfect!

It’s important to do the things you love and take care of you! This is certainly true in SATs week, so it was mud facials and friends all round during our forest session this week. There’s nothing like a bit of pampering to help you feel relaxed.

It may have been SATs week, but we didn’t stop learning. We had a great time working with ‘Fab Science’. We experimented with different acids and alkalines to create different coloured liquids. We inflated balloons using magic – or was it chemistry? It was actually the result of a reaction between an acid and a carbonate that produced lots of fizzy carbon dioxide gas. We were blown away by the dry ice and gasped with joy as we watched mento sweets mix with warm lemonade and explode in our playground. We continued to have fun with Science back in the classroom as we played a trick on ourselves. Using a tube of paper, we slowly moved our hands away from us, along the side of the tube. You then see a hole in your hand! Your brain is used to ‘stitching together’ the pictures it gets from each of your eyes, this makes it look as if the tube goes through your hand! Wow!

This week, we also designed Cinderella themed gift bags and postcards with good wishes and positive messages to share with our Erasmus+ project partner schools. The bags and cards will be given to our partners in Croatia in the next few weeks.

Something for the weekend? How about ‘douze points’? With the Eurovision Song contest taking place in Turin this weekend, we took the opportunity to revise numbers and opinions in our French lesson as we watched a selection of some of this year’s Eurovision entries. The votes were counted and verified and we can confirm that our winner is… Ukraine! We loved the upbeat tune and thought the performance was catchy and very original – c’est rigolo! Douze points! We wonder if the results on Saturday evening will match ours! Bonne chance, tout le monde!

Once again, congratulations Year 6! You are all superstars this week! If the tests measured your diligence and sense of fun, you are all top scorers! A refreshing ice lolly was just the perfect way to cool off and finish a testing week.

Have a great weekend. Don’t forget to pack your suitcase ready for our Residential trip next week!