Testing times…!

This week we completed our SATs assessments in Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Maths. We took each day in our stride and there were plenty of smiles all round. The yummy SATs breakfast each morning might have had something to do with our good mood and positive outlook!

We celebrated the end of our SATs week with a delicious (and well-deserved!) ice cream. Thank you, Ms. Connolly! Now we wish it could be SATs week every week…well, maybe not! But we will miss the breakfasts and the ice cream!

Although we have been incredibly busy with our SATs this week, we have not allowed the test to interrupt our love of learning. In Science, we investigated different shaped beaks and played ‘Battle of the Beaks’ to understand Darwin’s work on ‘natural selection’ and ‘survival of the fittest’. We looked at Darwin’s discoveries and conclusions about the finches of the Galapagos Islands. We used different ‘beaks’ (tweezers, pegs and spoons) to pick up different types of ‘food’ (elastic bands, sunflower seeds and marbles) and find out which shaped beak was best suited to which type of food.

In History, we found out about influential and significant famous Victorians. We created ‘Who am I?’ booklets about our chosen significant Victorian and then tried to guess each other’s. Can you guess who this is?

‘I was born in 1801 in Birmingham. I opened a grocer’s store when I was 22 years old. In 1853, I had to manufacture my product for Queen Victoria. I was the founder of a famous chocolate company. I died in 1889 and left my legacy to my family.’

On Tuesday, we worked with the V&A museum and took part in an online workshop exploring Tropical Modernist architecture. We learnt Tropical Modernism was an architectural style developed in the hot, humid conditions of West Africa in the 1940s. It was fun to make our own Brise Soleil. This is a building technique used to create shade and cast shadows on the outside of buildings.

Next we made 2D shapes come to life in 3D form, creating interesting architectural designs – all from just two sheets of paper.

Remember to wear red on Monday for our ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ workshop.

Have a super weekend and enjoy the sunshine!