Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Dear Parent/Carers,

Well we’ve had a strange start to the new summer term – definitely not how we expected it to be only just a few weeks ago. I would like to start by just taking a moment to thank all our front line workers and our key workers. Thank you all so much for protecting us at this time and risking your lives to protect others. Thank you to all, who are putting themselves at risk to provide and support us through this pandemic.

As parents you are doing a super job of working with the school to establish new routines and support children’s learning at home; we know you will have other demands on your time so we want to say a big thank you.

I am very proud of how remote learning has been so whole heartedly embraced across the school community! Thank you to the teachers for their excellent planning and hard work. I have read and seen some amazing learning this week, from art timelines in Willow Class, telling wonderfully scary stories in Maple, creative story telling in Beech and making your own playdough in Ash class. There were some amazing displays of garden art in Lime and some brilliant letters as headteachers- I did laugh out loud at, ‘if you put one toe out of line’, I might use this when we are back at school! It’s all of this and more that makes us miss school so much.

Finally and once again, we want to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to our wonderful and supportive school community, who continue to send so many positive posts and emails to the school, saying how much they are all missing us. This is so appreciated! We know you are all doing an amazing job of not only keeping your children safe and happy but also supporting their educational needs. The key message is in this post is that we all have to be here for each other in a new world none of us have ever experienced before (and hopefully will not again!) With this in mind, please always feel free to contact us if you feel there is something else we can support you with

I wish you and your family good health and I very much look forward to the time when we can welcome everyone back to school. And I would like to leave you with this thought for the weekend…

And then the whole world walked inside and shut their doors and said…

“We will stop it all… Everything…to protect our weaker ones, our sicker ones, our older ones”…

And nothing…Nothing in the history of humankind ever felt more like LOVE than this 💚

Author – CD

Take care, Sinead Connolly