That’s the way to do it!

That’s the way to do it! As part of our study of the Victorians, in Willow Class we have been finding out about the history of Punch and Judy shows and the puppets used during these performances.

For our Design and Technology project week, we researched,designed and made our own Mr Punch or Judy puppets. We used newspaper and Plaster of Paris to model the head and exaggerate facial features.

Then we designed the outfit for our puppet. Inspired by Victorian samplers, we practised using different stitches (running stitch, backstitch, over stitch, blanket stitch), sewing buttons on to fabric and applique.


It was time to bring our puppets to life by painting the face of our puppets. They seemed to take on their own personality once the paint was applied. We were careful to get a good finish by using two coats of paint and by selecting the right brush for certain features.

We look forward to sharing our finished puppets with you very soon!

Last Friday morning, we welcomed the Little Angels Theatre Company into our class to help us design and make a puppet using recycled objects. We began by watching a short film starring Scoop, who likes to reinvent things and give them new life, and Bertie, a puppet made of recycled objects. We learnt about the science of plastic bottles and examined the different materials used to make the puppets. We then built our own Bertie-inspired puppet and learnt how to perform with it!

What a truly fabulous week we had, learning new skills, persevering when things didn’t go according to plan, adapting and modifying our designs and evaluating our work along the way. That really is the way to do it!

In RE, we have continued our learning about Buddhist worship, looking at Buddhist temples and shrines and designing our own with particular features such as Buddharupas, candles, flowers, an incense burner and
food offerings.

We then looked at the Eight Auspicious Symbols associated with Buddhism and considered their significance and meanings. The Lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment. It reminds followers that something that begins in mud can grow into something beautiful. We made origami lotus flowers and floated them on water.

Have a lovely weekend!