The day the children disappeared…!

This week in Early Years, the children have been enjoying the squelchy mud as a result of the rain we have been having! They got creative in the forest making delicious meals for the forest creatures using techniques such as mixing, squashing and sieving. Squirrels were served stew, birds were served cereal and there was even a soup made especially for a lizard!

Choosing time this week has seen lots of cooperative play. We have been really proud of how the children are working together to use each other’s ideas in their games. Whether they have been making Mario-moustache masks, teaming up to become class photographers or controlling traffic with Stop / Go signs, there have been blossoming friendships all week! One group of children showed a lot of teamwork and perseverance to build the playground its very first gym, complete with a running machine, a pull up bar and even a real row boat “to make your arms strong”!

The children have also been tending to the garden, recognising when the little seedlings we have planted need watering, and noticing the changes that have been taking place.

Literacy this week has been lots of fun. The children are enjoying our class book ‘So Much!’ by Trish Cooke, and they have been incorporating its themes into their play. We are starting to see more emergent writing during the children’s play time, thanks in part to their super phonics learning. This week Ash added g o c k to their list of learnt sounds and Saplings have been keen to spot and create sounds during their phonics story times. They particularly enjoyed the snoring and animal sounds they could create during ‘Bear Snores On’ by Karma Wilson!

The children also had a lot of fun getting imaginative with this week’s Tales Toolkit, where our poor bear (who love nothing more than floating on clouds above his garden) tumbled down to the ground after a sudden rainstorm was caused by a giant floating watering can! Luckily, he donned his healing welly boots which not only helped him to stay dry, but they also made his bumped knee better again!

There was one afternoon, however, where Mrs Lawrence was very confused… the children were nowhere to be found! It was as if they had disappeared! It turns out, they had been playing a trick on her and camouflaging themselves against different places in the classroom! We spoke about the difference between hiding and camouflaging and read ‘Neon Leon’ by Jane Clarke to continue their engagement with the theme. It was definitely a good job that there were lots of giggles whilst the children were camouflaging themselves / hiding, otherwise the teachers might have thought they could stop for a relaxing cup of tea…! As it turns out though, Mrs Lawrence discovered a nice navy blue cushion that matched her navy blue jumper… now, where’s that navy blue mug…?!