The final countdown has commenced!

Dear parents/carers,

As the summer holidays rapidly approach this has been another busy week!

I’d like to start by mentioning once again those families supporting children with home learning. I never imagined we would ever be considering such an extended period of parents needing to step into the role of being teachers to their children. The change in family dynamics to achieve this is considerable, particularly for those balancing their own jobs alongside this too. All I can do is say thank you and that your efforts will have made a significant positive difference to your child. Every book read, maths question conquered and sentence of cursive writing completed will have helped. Hold your heads high and know you have gone above and beyond!

I apologise if this week has felt like information overload. We have posted home class details, end of term reports, staffing updates and even medical updates. My strategy throughout lockdown has been to over communicate to help maintain our feeling of community togetherness but this week has seen an increase in letters. Thank you for keeping up!

A reminder that the school day, for the children attending Thursday next week, we are closing early. Again the pick-up times are:

Early Years – 12:00

Year 1 – 12:05

Year 4 – 12:15

Year 6 – 1:15

I want to end this week with a special shout out to some unsung heroes at Little Hadham… the cleaners! During the past weeks and months they have done an incredible job of keeping the school spotless and safer than ever before. Without their hard work and determination there is no way our partial reopening would have been such a success… thank you cleaners!

Have a great weekend

Sinead Connolly