The glorious outdoors!

We’ve been enjoying the sunny weather outside this week, as have our sunflowers! Upon looking closely at our new bright garden features, we spotted something, well, spotty! The minibeasts have been out in force and have even been challenging the children with their phonic knowledge… can you see the ‘O’ and the ‘J’ shapes made by Wiggly Woo?!

As part of our learning about ourselves, we have been thinking about emotions this week and how we may feel different things at different times. The children really enjoyed The Scribble Spot song, based on the story by Diane Alber.

Many of the children spoke about how they felt happy when they were playing outside with their friends; it certainly looks that way! We have been building vehicles and roads ways in the garden this week, and even enjoyed a few games of ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’

The children have also really enjoyed riding on the bikes, trikes, scooters and cars. Luckily, the petrol station had very reasonable prices (£1 per tank!), so the fun could continue! We have been focusing on how to move in the vehicles with independence, using pushing motions with our feet on the pedals. This was quite tricky, but the children were very perseverant.

Even some of our animals joined in the fun outside, as they came to play in the forest! The children made dens for them and provided them with food. We noticed that some of the pinecones that we left last week had been nibbled at, much to the excitement of the children! We concluded that it must have been either squirrels, birds or rabbits who had a munch on them, as we worked out what animals were likely to have visited our forest.

In Early Years, we are marking Black History Month with a study of the author of our class book ‘So Much’. Trish Cooke is a successful author who lives in England, but whose family came from Dominica, an island in the Caribbean.

The children loved using Google Earth to travel from Little Hadham School, all the way across the oceans; “it’s a long way!” they exclaimed! We spoke about the importance of having black people and black culture in our story books, and how not that long ago we wouldn’t have had books like ‘So Much!’ to enjoy. The children explained that they thought it was very sad to leave people out and treat people differently just because of their skin colour, to which others agreed “yeah that would be boring and not fair”.

The children in Ash class then used their phonic knowledge, including the new sounds we have learnt this week g o c k, to write about Dominica and what they could see on their map.

During choosing time this week, the children have caught modelling fever! We noticed that lots of children were keen to get involved in making lately, so put provision in place to support this engagement. We have seen lots of well thought out models including trains, castles and masks, and the children have been very proud of themselves upon achieving their goals! We are practising holding our scissors correctly when cutting, to help develop our fine motor skills and precision.

Dance was a lot of fun this week and the children are really impressing with their moves! We even had a little dance off to show our skills at the end of our session. The children are getting really good at remembering their choreography week by week, especially their ‘cool’ poses!