The Secret of Black Rock

This week we began looking at our focus story, The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd-Stanton. The children have been discussing some of the illustration and making connections to their own experiences as well as prior learning of coastal communities. They predicted what the secret of the black rock could be by working in groups and writing down things that could be lurking beneath or even inside the rocks. They came up with some very imaginative ideas, as usual, and had predicted a very gloomy and spooky story by the end!

We then read the first few pages and discussed what the descriptions of the rock made us imagine. We learnt about similes and came up with our own similes to describe how the rock could look. The children then drew what their minds imagined the rock to be based off of what they had heard so far. They will dive deeper into the book next week as we unfold our exciting story!

For Science, the children sorted various objects and materials into categories of their choosing. Some decided to base the groups on different colours whilst other chose more abstract classifications such as ‘levels of interesting’. We then learnt about how things can be classed according to being alive, once alive or never alive. This got the children discussing their materials even further and debating whether or not things were still alive, such as fruit once it is picked, or whether they should be classed as once alive.

We then learnt about plastic pollution in the oceans and how things that were once alive will mostly break down if they were to make their way to the seas. Plastics are manmade and take hundreds, even thousands, of years to degrade. The word ‘degrade’ was added to our vocabulary and the children then conducted an experiment to see which objects would degrade if put into the ocean and which objects would stay in one piece. To test this, the children created their own salt-water mixture by adding 2 teaspoons of salt to their containers and placing one object inside the mixture. We will monitor our salt water solutions over the course of the next few weeks and see what we can find out!

In Maths, the children have been learning about arrays and having a go at making their own. They love doing practical activities and have been eager to show us their learning during independent learning time this week! The Year 2 children have also benefitted from very hands-on learning as we explore measurements using meter sticks and rulers.