The tip of the iceberg!

A chilly start to the week was perfect for Year 6 as we began our new topic: Frozen Kingdom. We researched the differences and similarities between the Arctic and the Antarctic.

We have also been researching facts about icebergs and made some interesting discoveries. Did you know that some icebergs are called ‘Growlers’ because of the animal-like growl they make as pockets of air escape when the ice begins to melt? This information was just the tip of the iceberg as we discovered so many fascinating facts and then wrote interesting non-chronological reports about icebergs!

In Science, we asked ‘How do polar bears stay warm in such cold conditions?’ After a little sharing of knowledge, we explored how effective layers of fat are when trying to stay warm. First we plunged our bare hands into icy water, then  saw how much protection a glove offers from the cold. Finally, we coated our gloved hands in lard and fat. It is surprising, if a little sticky and greasy, just how much insulation a little lard gives from the icy water! Did you know that a polar bear has a layer of up to 10cm of blubber?

In Art, we used different drawing and shading techniques to draw polar bears. We are justifiably proud of our fine-looking polar bears.


A memory game and great learning partner work were the key ingredients for our spelling lessons this week as we explored the spelling pattern -ough.

I take it you already know

of tough and bough and cough and dough

Others may stumble, but not you

on hiccough, thorough, laugh and through.

In Maths, we practised using numbers with up to three decimal places. We used different apparatus and solved a variety of number problems.

And relax…a deep breath and a spot of Yoga. Such confident bow, dog and flamingo poses this week!

A fabulous week, Year 6. Have a super weekend.