The wheels on the bike go round and round…

Monday saw the start of ‘Bikeability’ in Year 6.  Bike checks and playground practice led the way to the highway!  Well, the main road into Little Hadham! We had a great time and learnt a great deal about the highway code, bicycle manoeuvres and safety. Happy cycling!

Learning about bike safety, the history of bicycles,  road safety and the Trans Pennine Trail provided the content for some amazing projects. Our Art work also took on the cycling theme with some colourful creations.  We added the final finishing touches to our beautiful bee projects and bee hotels. What stunning work!

In our PE, we kept the theme of the Euros – football – with groups from Maple and Willow representing England, Portugal, Italy and France battled it out. We had some great games with goals being scored by all of our teams.  Fabulous attitude and enjoyment by all. Gareth Southgate would be proud!

Splattered with an array of drama and dance, our cogs have not stopped turning in class this week.

On Friday, Fiore’s mum came to talk to us about racism. We really appreciate her coming to talk with us about her own experiences and she gave us plenty to think about. Thank you! As a class we have been discussing the recent events following the Euro 2020 Final. We have been writing our own poems about anti racism and writing letters of support to England players Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho.

The weekend is very much needed. Time to recharge your batteries, Year 6, for the ‘Children V Parents’ football match on Tuesday. Go Year 6, go!