They’re all animals…the lot of ’em!


It was Miss Lane’s birthday, so a huge impromptu celebration took place! A group worked hard for the whole session preparing a dance, a circus clown routine and of course a cake in the shape of the Eiffel tower! The crowds watched with joy and Miss Lane had the best party ever. Elsewhere, a group had started a den gang and were tying rope between trees to make a trap for any intruders. They collected green leaves as money but seemed to be hoarding it instead of spending.



It was a trip to the zoo for Willow, they were tasked with making a zoo full of animals and enclosures. Some set to work right away making a polar bear that then turned into a Panda with a bamboo cage. There was a hedgehog with spines sticking out of the ground. In the zoo you could see a cute bear/cat/dog, the artist of this particular sculpture left it to the viewer to interpret what they wanted it to be. There was also a Komodo Dragon made from leaves, a fox and an excellent Meerkat with little stumpy arms.



Ash and Saplings absolutely loved making mini animal sculptures for Fun Friday Forest Farm with Friends! They made a lot of noise speaking about what animals you find in farms and then set off to make their own. A small group worked hard creating a cow that actually stood up, a spikey hedgehog was carefully paraded around and a monstrous 2D t-rex was made using a stump in the shape of a head! There was a great game of tic-tac-toe made by collecting green leaves and stones too.



Beech were fascinated by the Bruce Bogtrotter cake that was being protected on a stump. They were pleased for Maple that no one had destroyed it. A few of them set to work making their very own chokey which was full of perilous spiky sticks in the ground and a rope to keep you in place. Some played a very serious game with the Boggle Eggs and a duo created their own band and sung a couple of catchy pop songs with a drum kit and guitar!



It was showtime for Maple…3 weeks of prepping, 2 different mud cakes, 1 shot at putting on the best version of ‘The scene from Matilda where Bruce eats the cake’ ever! They put the final touches to the cake and performed the scene to a very appreciative crowd. Bravo! They also really got into making the forest a zoo. There was a horse you could actually ride, a giant hippo called Joey, a worm farm with 26 worms (and one centipede), a petting shop, a petting zoo (there is a difference) and a farm with pulley system!