Thinking about Camouflage

This week we had the story of ‘The Mixed up Chameleon’ and saw how he could change colour depending on where he was. We had a go at trying to paint animals on coloured paper so that they were camouflaged.

In our forest session on Tuesday we had an animal each which we tried to camouflage and  then we all had to try to see how many we could spot – they were all so well disguised it was very tricky! We still had to time to practice our climbing and teamwork skills.

We carried on our work about special places and explored some around the school. We decided the rabbit holes in the garden were special to the rabbits because that’s where they live. Our classroom is special to all of us because that’s where we learn and the Hall is special to us because that’s where we eat our dinner. We even had a sneaky peak in Miss Connolly’s office which is special to her and the mystery of where the teacher’s have their lunch was solved when we crept through the staff room!
When we got back to the classroom we created special places for some of our toy animals.

Patterns have been the theme of maths lessons and we have even been making them in our own learning time.

The seeds we planted a while ago were ready to be transplanted into the garden, now we just need to keep watering them and watch them grow (as long as the rabbits don’t get too peckish!).

Outside we have been keeping cool by building dens, playing in the water tray, bathing the babies and even made some delicious mud cones in the mud kitchen.

We hope you all get lots of rest this weekend ready for our trip on Monday.