This week …

The Early Years children have been as busy as ever this week.


We have been playing with magnets and discovering things that are magnetic and things that aren’t.






There were two very Happy Birthday boys on Wednesday. If you do want to give the children a little present on your own child’s birthday we encourage them to bring us a book that we can all  share and enjoy and keep in our bookcase at school.

A real highlight of the week was the farmer coming to cut the hedges in the field next to the Unit!

The babies have been really well looked after this week.

We were detectives in the Forest and  wore detective hats and used the magnifying glasses. We found so many different things: flints, feathers, seeds, leaves, twigs, ‘twirly whirlies’, bark, lichen and moss to name a few.  Some of the finds went into potions whilst others helped to light the fire.


Everyone enjoyed a jewel jar treat on Thursday as the jewel jar was full! The children chose to make sandwiches/toast which they ALL enjoyed very much. A huge well done to all of them as they all earn the jewels by being kind, gentle, careful, thoughtful, helpful, polite  etc …


We have been really focusing on good listening this week and what makes a good listener. The children are all trying to hard to be quiet, sit as still as they can and look at the person who is talking. They are ALL enjoying stories and rhymes and talking a great deal about words that rhyme and words that start with the same sounds. We are singing and using counting rhymes throughout each day. There is no wonder that by Friday some of the children felt like this …

Enjoy a rest this weekend everyone – you certainly deserve one!

PS.  Thank you to everyone who has been able to donate their voluntary £5 – it really does help.