Time flies when you’re having fun!

This week in History, we debated the possible triggers of the start of the Second World War. We worked in groups to discuss which events we thought were more significant and then arranged our thoughts as a ‘diamond nine’ – the most significant trigger being placed at the top of the diamond. We presented our ideas to the whole class before we formed our own conclusions. In addition to using our knowledge of the War, we used our awesome oracy skills to explain and justify our reasoning.

Through story telling in RE, we learned about how the Buddha became. We retold the story of Prince Siddhārtha Gautama using great oracy skills and then summarised the key points of the story, presenting our work as a cartoon strip. We discussed how the Prince might have felt when he saw old age, illness and death for the first time.

‘Two fish and chips, please’  Is that 2(fish + chips) or (2 x fish) + chips ? In Maths, we used BIDMAS and the order of operations to help us solve calculations. We had lots of fun generating numbers and using our new learning about BIDMAS to help us try to reach Mrs Tweedale’s target numbers! We love to make learning fun in Year 6.

Gymnastics was all about rolls this week. We refined the first four steps of a forward roll and then played a game with the different positions. Our strength and control grows each week.

As part of our study of the Second World War, we have been learning about Anne Frank and her time spent hiding from the Nazis. We learned how important Anne’s diary was to her and how important her diary is today as a means of finding out what life was like for Jewish people during World War Two. We wrote beautiful heartfelt diary entries as Anne Frank.

What better way to end this half term than with a Golden Morning! From modelling pumpkins to Nigerian Street Food to dioramas to paper plain launchers to Greek salads, we had the best of mornings! We loved the variety of activities on offer and the opportunity to work in mixed aged groups from across the school. A huge thank you to all our volunteers who planned such fun activities for us.

Have  a wonderful half term break, everyone.