Tiny treasures and ‘wow’ writing!

EYFS have certainly made the most of the lovely weather we had earlier on in the week! We took our maths learning to the forest, as we were challenged to find tiny treasures to fit inside our tiny boxes! The children did a great job with their use of comparative language when trying to find a perfect size match, using sentences such as ‘this stick is too long’ and ‘I need to find a bigger rock – my box can fit a bigger one inside’! We also, of course, found time to explore the forest together and enjoyed playing with our friends. Teamwork and building relationships with new friends has been a real focus for us recently, and it has been wonderful to see the children practising these skills independently!

The children have also really started to engage in independent writing and mark making! From making zig-zag marks to represent written words, to writing words using sounds in sequence, we have certainly been persevering and enjoying ourselves! Ash class have been practising their previously taught sounds in phonics, and are working on applying these sounds to writing simple words. Saplings have been motivated to begin learning how to copy and write their own names, and have also enjoyed using chalks in the outside area to practise early letter shapes and put meaning to their marks!

From police role play and gardening, to singing number rhymes and drawing with friends, we have really been enjoying outdoor play this week. We will soon be noticing lots of autumnal changes around us, just in time for our new topic on Colour! The children have already started to notice a few more leaves falling, and some turning crispy and yellowing; our investigation station, where the children find and share different treasures they have discovered, is getting very full!

We were also treated to a fantastic ‘Skip 2 B Fit’ lesson, where we had a go at practising the early skills of skipping! The children told Mrs Lawrence that she couldn’t skip “otherwise the baby will get a headache and fall out” (eek!!) so instead, the children taught her how to skip using their verbal instructions!

You have to put the rope behind you

Hold it tight!

You flip it over your head

You step over it

You have to make sure your not too close to anyone else

We will be having our last week with Mrs Lawrence next week, before we get to welcome our new teachers Mrs Neal and Mrs Webb after half term! We have been so excited to see them both lots more!

It was lovely speaking with you all during parent consultations last week. There really is a lot to celebrate with everything that the children have been able to achieve in such a short space of time! It was also great to see so many of you at the phonics meeting on Monday. Please take a look at the resources at the top of this page for further clarification and guidance.

If you have any questions regarding reading, transition or any other specific concerns or questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us 🙂