‘To give a speech is to change the world’

Welcome back! We have begun our Year 6 journey in earnest and the year ahead looks promising.

This week we elected our new School Captains and School Councillors. In English, we listened to some well-known speeches and examined the features of effective and persuasive speeches. We than had the opportunity to write our own speeches and deliver these to the whole school and then our class. Our audience was extremely impressed with our oracy and our delivery style when reading our speeches. We delivered our speeches with confidence and heaps of personality! Some of the younger members of our school were heard to have ‘magpied’ some of our speeches in their writing too!

The votes have been counted and verified; we are proud to announce our new School Captains are Daisy and Reuben, and our Vice Captains are Kash and Bertu.

Willow Class are also proud to announce their new School Council representatives are Adeline and Finley.

It is with pride that we announce our Green Team representatives for Willow Class this year. Congratulations to Kitan and Red!

A huge congratulations to all! We look forward to a busy, productive year ahead.

In Yoga, we enjoyed performing our salutation and concentrating on which part of our bodies were working hard. We focused on three yoga poses: flamingo, crab and dog before playing a fun game with these positions.

In Science, we learnt about the different components in electrical circuits. We learnt how to represent electrical components using the correct symbols and how to draw different circuits.

We had fun this week presenting our research about World War Two in a creative way. We learnt about the countries who formed the Allies and the Axis. We continued our learning about these countries in our French lesson.

During our Forest session we found a very peculiar caterpillar which we were fairly certain we shouldn’t touch. We made sure we kept it safe and guarded it well. A google search discovered it was a ‘Tussock caterpillar’. Do not touch! At the end of our session, as we were sitting on the stumps, the biggest Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle came to join us! We displayed it carefully in a box so everyone could see. We were rather please with our haul!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.