To the whole community @ Little Hadham Primary School

Today I have been blown away with kindness, surprises, unbelievable words and gratitude beyond my comprehension! I cannot express my emotions as I sit quietly at home this evening trying to take it all in and make sense of the very special day that I have just had.

It all started relatively quietly as we realised that we only had three children in the Early Years for the day, but the peace soon ended. I was shown the most amazing PowerPoint of my life and times at Little Hadham i (huge thanks to Mrs Lammin), was presented with my very own forest popcorn maker (thank you Mr. Trundle), met many of my very first Class (2009) (WOW Guys! Thank you for coming and thank you Ms. Bland), received wonderful cards from each class containing some heartfelt writing and watched another emotional PowerPoint made by Year 6.

I have been overwhelmed with cards, gifts, memories and kind words. I was given an incredible book that so many families, past and present, have collaborated to make which has touched me deeply (huge thanks to Nikki Handley and Louise Battle). The Staff rounded off the day with a wonderful little tea party outside (thank you Ms. Connolly).  It was at  this point that I became acutely aware that I was actually about to have to say ‘goodbye’ to my life at Little Hadham School.

All I can say is that I have had the most wonderful 12 years. I have enjoyed teaching the Early Years, in the amazing classroom that is ‘The Unit’,  and then having the privilege of seeing the children grow as they progress through the school.  I discovered a new love in Forest School in 2014 and am extremely proud of the important position it now holds at Little Hadham. I have worked with so many amazing families, children and colleagues.  I have just had the happiest of times within such a great little school and cannot thank you all enough for your friendship and support.

Many thanks to everyone who made such an effort to make my last day at Little Hadham totally memorable and truly unforgettable. Your gifts have humbled me. Thank you does not even start to cover my feelings of gratitude. But it is the words and emotion that I will take away with me and remember forever…

“… Alfie and I (Arthur) remember the secret code in the forest … 1, 2, 3 where are you? So, if you ever need us … 1. 2, 3 we’re over here”

How safe do I feel as I move on to my next adventure knowing that I still have all those friends at Little Hadham! Thank you each and every one of you, from the bottom of my singing heart.

Mrs Nicklin