Together we can…

Look at how well we are developing our core strength! We enjoyed revisiting some familiar poses in Yoga this week and then playing an elimination game.

In PE this week, we brushed up our tennis skills. Game, set and match Year 6! Great work.


In Art, we continued our work on portraits and different sketching techniques. We worked carefully to produce beautiful self-portraits.

What bright sparks! Lighting fairy pillows is always such good fun during Forest time.

In Computing, we learnt how to use a new App called ‘Chatterpix’. We continued our research about pioneers in the technology world and used the App to bring our research to life by adding our voice and making our pioneers talk. Amazing!

After learning about Carl Linnaeus and his sorting and classification system last week, we put it to the test and learnt more about animal characteristics and how to sort different creatures from the animal kingdom.

In PSHE, we thought about all the injuries and illnesses that might happen to a person meaning they would need First Aid. We worked collaboratively and discussed what First Aid might be needed and how we could help someone in need.

Enjoy the long weekend, Year 6.