Under investigation…

Blue flashing lights and the scream of sirens … We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Police this week. We learnt about all the varied equipment Police have to carry with them and also about the work they do in our community helping us to stay safe – great questions from Willow Class! We even had a seat on the Police quad bike! We certainly looked the part. There may be some future recruits to the police force from Year 6 following this visit.

We have been exploring the vocabulary used in our Class text, Boy in the Tower. Chapter nine helped give us a real insight into the main character, as we unpicked his actions and thoughts. Our inference skills have definitely had a good work out.

In our History  lesson, we travelled back to 1912 and the maiden voyage of Titanic. We took a virtual tour inside this marvel of British engineering and saw the stark differences between the facilities available to the First and Third Class passengers.

In Science, we continued to learn about different adaptations, researching how animals have developed certain features to be able to survive their environments. We debated questions such as ‘Would the cheetah still be the fastest land animal if it only had two legs?’ and ‘If a giraffe didn’t have a long neck, would it still be able to eat?’

‘We don’t talk about Bruno!’ but we can dance and play body percussion fantastically along to this catchy song! Our exploration of rhythm gave us a work out this week!

What better way to end the week than with a warming mug of hot chocolate! Cheers everyone! Well deserved, Year 6.

Have a lovely weekend.