Viva la vida!

This week we learnt about the life and work of Mexican artist and feminist Frida Kahlo. Although during her life Frida experienced much sadness and hardship, she persevered and followed her dreams. Frida Kahlo fought to make her voice heard. One of her final paintings includes the quote, ‘Viva la vida!’ meaning life is for living. We researched her life and tried our hand at some portrait painting. We used a palette of primary colours and mixed our colours with care. We learnt about the proportions of the human face and tried to capture Frida’s spirit in our paintings.

From a strong Mexican woman to our very own strong and empowered women – our mums! Thank you for joining us this week for a great session of boxercise! You were all fabulous and such great role models!

We had a super discussion about the importance of International Women’s Day and celebrating inspirational women across the world. We covered so many topics from the numbers of women working in science and engineering today to the rise of women’s football. We used our sentence stems beautifully to develop our points and respectfully challenge points of view.  Awesome oracy – the future looks bright, Year 6!

Drum roll, please…through our work as Junior Dragons we managed to raise a fantastic £268.80 for our chosen local charity, SPACE. We presented a cheque and shared what we have learnt from the project – negotiation skills, how to manage a budget, working to a fixed time scale, managing a team, sales techniques to name just a few! Well done, Dragons!

In English, we edited and improved our diary entries. We have been writing as Oates, one of Captain Scott’s fellow explorers who sadly lost his life on the expedition across Antarctica. We captured the right reflective tone and level of emotion in our writing.

‘Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh…Viva la vida!’ Frida Kahlo


Have a lovely weekend.