We Didn’t Start the Fire…Or Did We?

Early Years have really impressed their teachers this week with their fantastic phonics knowledge. Saplings are continuing to learn their initial sounds and can find these letters in stories, whilst Ash class are busy writing some longer sentences using their phonics knowledge to help with their spellings. We’ve had some wonderful writing in class this week. In literacy we helped Forgetful Frog with some sentences.

In maths this week, we have continued to practise counting to 20 and recognising numerals from 1-20. We have also been using tens frames and counters to help us learn about taking away a number from another number.

The children had the opportunity to learn an exciting new skill in Forest School this week – fire lighting! Under the careful eye of Mrs Lammin, the children practised using a firestrike to create a spark which would then set fire to a fairy pillow (also known as a cotton pad!) The children were very patient with their practising and kept persevering, which is something we have been talking about in class. When their pillows did catch fire, they loved watching the flames flicker and the pillow curl and disintegrate. It was a very fun afternoon!

For part of our PSHE lessons, we are thinking about eating healthily. The children have been learning about why we need food and what kinds of food help our bodies. They were able to recall which foods give us energy, helps us to grow strong bones and those that help our muscles grow. The children came up with some super healthy meal ideas and they sounded delicious!

As well as looking after our bodies we’ve been thinking about what our pets might need when we are looking after them. We decided they need beds,, food, water, toys, walks and lots of love! The children spent an afternoon looking after our toys dogs in the classroom constructing beds and houses for them.

Thursday was very exciting as we watched our new shelter taking shape in our garden – we can’t wait to use it!

Have a lovely long weekend everyone, see you on Tuesday!