We Didn’t Start the Fire…Or Did We?

We are thrilled to share that our Forest School session this week was an exciting and educational experience for the children. Under the careful supervision of Mrs. Lammin, the children had the opportunity to learn a fascinating new skill: fire lighting!

Using a firestrike, the children practiced creating sparks to ignite what we playfully called “fairy pillows” (which were actually cotton pads). The children demonstrated great patience and perseverance, qualities we have been emphasising in class. It was a delight to see their determination as they repeatedly tried until they succeeded.

When their fairy pillows finally caught fire, the children were captivated by the flickering flames and watched with wonder as the cotton pads curled and disintegrated. It was a magical and memorable afternoon for everyone involved.

We are proud of the children’s efforts and resilience, and we look forward to more adventurous learning experiences in Forest School.