We go together…

Brrr! What a chilly week it has been! Despite the sharp fall in temperatures, we have managed to keep warm this week, learning new skills, deepening our understanding and having lots of fun.

In Art this week we learnt about two-point perspective and shading using tone and light. Both techniques were used by Henry Moore in his WWII sketches of the Blitz. We looked at how to create distance with two-point perspective and how to create depth by adding tone and shading. We also used another of Moore’s techniques, creating light by erasing some of our shading. After a somewhat apprehensive start, we were proud of our finished sketches and the skills we had acquired.

In Science, we explored the wonderful uses of light. We consolidated our learning about how light travels and used our knowledge of reflection to make our own periscopes. We played games with our learning partners using our periscopes, experimenting with the position of the mirrors in the periscopes to see if we could see things behind us without turning around. Illuminating learning!

During our PSHE lesson, we discussed the how we can celebrate our differences and strengthen positive friendships. We enjoyed giving each other compliments … ‘If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.’ It is good to feel good! We also discussed different scenarios about bullying and the role of a bystander. We had a walking vote and enjoyed debating different situations.

Maths this week was all about the conversion of measures, both metric and imperial. We solved reasoning problems with conversions of measure and used bar modelling to prove our calculations.

In English, we wrote moving narratives based on the short film ‘The Piano’ by Aidan Gibbons. We used powerful vocabulary to create atmosphere and wrote with cohesion . We are proud of our finished extended writing and hope you enjoy reading our work.

In History, we found out about the Christmas Day Truce of 1914. We watched videos about this extraordinary event and read first hand accounts from soldiers on the Western Front before sorting fact from fiction to tell what really happened.

Time for a bit of Forest Elf and Safety! We have been speaking about the safety of some of the branches in our forest area for the last few weeks and this week we turned into professional ‘Risk Assessors’. We went around the forest in pairs, with a clipboard and form to in hand, noting any hazards we saw. We wrote down ways to lessen the likelihood of an accident and also actions to try and make sure that risks were at a minimum. Some of us then started to play a game of hide and seek, and before too long the whole class were playing. We took the game (and the risk assessments) very seriously! We do love a competition in Willow Class!

Friday saw us sporting our cheery Christmas jumpers in support of Save the Children. What a brilliant festive bunch we make! Thank you for supporting this great cause.

Enjoy the football on Saturday and have a great weekend! Remember to keep earning points for our TTRockstars battle. Just a few days to go  – Year 6 to win!