We love learning!

In Science, we have been learning about healthy diets and exercise. We learnt about energy input and energy output and looked at the recommended calorie intake for adults. We considered the impact of physical exercise and thought about how much energy an olympian, such as Adam Peaty, might need compared with someone working at a desk in an office.

We understand the importance of keeping active and strengthening our muscles as well as taking time out of our busy week to relax. We really enjoy our weekly Yoga sessions and we have certainly refined and improved our Yoga poses and sequences. This week we build a sequence using the poses Hero, Crab and Curly Whirly – a Year 6 favourite! We took turns to demonstrate these poses and to lead the class through the Sun Sequence. There was even a bit of time for us to enjoy playing a game with our Yoga positions.

In RE, we have been exploring the story of the Crucifixion. Last week we complied our own questions about the events of Holy Week and this week we learnt about free will and determinism. We considered how believing in determinism would give someone a different view of the events of the Crucifixion compared to believing in free will.

Maths was very much about ‘hands-on’ experience this week. We explored how many different shapes we could make with the same volume and through our practical activities we learnt the formula for calculating the volume of a shape.

It’s the law! In PSHE, we continued our learning about drugs and asked ‘Are all drugs medicines?’ and ‘Are all medicines drugs?’ We then discussed different scenarios and debated whether or not laws had been broken and if so, who had broken the law in each scenario. We learnt about the legal age for purchasing alcohol  and cigarettes in this country. Great discussions all round, Year 6!

We have started planning a newspaper report in English. We are using the much-loved story of ‘Holes’ as the inspiration for our journalistic writing. This week, we looked at the difference between formal and informal writing and how to use direct speech.

In our reading lessons this week, we honed our vocabulary and retrieval skills. The characters in the brilliant book ‘Wonder’ are giving us plenty to think about as we continue to explore their interactions with the central character, Auggie.

And finally, we loved sharing our books and learning with you at the Parent Consultations this week. Thank you for all your continued support and encouragement in helping us to achieve our very best.

Have a lovely weekend. Remember, the clocks go forward one hour this weekend – lovely light evenings to look forward to!