Week 3 has wriggled by!

This week has seen the Early Years children learning about bees and the important role that they play  in our world. Did you know that a third of the world’s food production depends on bees – every third spoonful of food depends on pollination!

We have enjoyed running on the track

We had a very special Forest school this week . A new teacher had told us that we might be able to find some coins in the soil in the forest. When we went out into the wood we found a lot of ‘x marks the spot’ sticks. After a lot of  hunting and digging  the children were delighted when they actually did find a box with some gold coins inside. We can’t wait to tell her!  Boggle eggs were also discovered and a lot of children took to the trees! There was a lot of talk and singing about the Goblins and fairies and a potion was made to hopefully scare the goblins away.

When we got back to the Unit some amazing writing was done inspired by  the morning’s activity.

The children have been reading a lot this week and are now really enjoying reading their own writing to their friends. Thank you to everyone at home as you all continue to support your children by listening to them read so regularly.  The children continue to enjoy yoga and have also been listening to some relaxation stories.

We have welcomed some caterpillars into the Early Years …

… they are incredibly busy eating, pooing and growing – in front of our eyes.

We ended the week out in the carpark watching, counting and tallying the cars that went past. Next week we will be using this information into graphs on the computer.

We also said ‘Goodbye’ to George on Friday  as he is moving to a new school that is much nearer to his new house.  We will miss his cheeky smile but wish him, and his family, all the very best.