Week 6 of Remote Learning

This week started off with lots of snow again. It inspired the Ash Class children to write a poem together, here is what we have so far:

Snow is magical
Snow is cold
Snow is sparkly
Snow is crunchy
Snow is fun
Snow is soft
Snow is exciting
Snow is surprising
Snow is magical,
You can catch a snowflake on your tongue
Snow is so fun!

We have been learning about capacity and whether or not containers are full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty or empty and  we have been measuring how much we can fit in to our containers.

Shrove Tuesday is nearly here so we have been thinking about pancakes and have written a list of the ingredients we will need to make them.

You have all worked so hard with your learning at home this half term, you have amazed us and made us very proud. We think you and your grown ups at home all deserve a jewel in the jar!  We hope that you all have a lovely restful week and we will see you all after half term. Take care.