Week 7 of Remote Learning

Welcome back! We hope that you all had a restful half term. We were very excited to hear the news at the beginning of the week that we can all be back to school together soon. We can’t wait!

This week we have started to look at animals. We have learnt what mammals are and it has been a surprise to some children to learn that humans are actually mammals. We have sorted animals in to mammals and not mammals, written lists and made notes. We have even made mammals using plastic bottles.

Our maths has been all about different ways of making 9 and 10 and the children have been very observant noticing them in their environment and finding ways to make picture incorporating 10 dots.

The weather is improving and we have been looking for signs of spring, it’s amazing how many there are.

We’ve even had time to fit in busy fingers which has included knot tying and making patterns.

Of course we’ve also been practising our phonics and writing skills.