week beginning 13th June

We started our week in style with  fabulous trip to the coast.  We visited the Sealife centre at Southend and then spent the best afternoon on the beach – we made sand sculptures, collected shells, hunted for crabs, paddled, skimmed stones, dug, ran, turned cart wheels and ate ice lollies!

Back at school we worked hard on writing a story called ‘the catch’ taken from a short animation. Next week we will be proof reading, editing, redrafting and publishing our stories ready to share with everyone.

In Maths we have been working hard on our times tables, practising written methods for multiplication and investigating area using post it notes!

Geography and Science had all been about caring for our oceans and we made posters to encourage people to be more responsible.

In art we learned about an installation at Crosby beach called ‘Another place’.  We watched footage of the site and talked about our feelings and opinions -how did it make us feel and did we like it?

After that we made some stunning sketches of the scene.