Week beginning 19.4.22

Welcome back everyone! It feels like summer is almost here……

Lime class have hit the ground running this week with our new topic – ‘The Blue Abyss’.  We have already started using atlases and maps to find out all about the seas and oceans of the world.

Forest was fun in the sun and we also enjoyed some great outdoor PE sessions.

In music we have been listening to Benjamin Britten’s Storm interlude and it has inspired us to create some stormy artwork. The creativity didn’t stop there as in English we have learned about personification. We are now writing poetry about sea creatures and giving them some human characteristics. The results are pretty awesome so we will redraft and publish them next week for a display.

Maths this week has been all about equivalent fractions and we have been brilliant at spotting patterns, similarities and differences in the fractions we have looked at. We are also becoming experts in using the correct vocabulary.  Ask us what we know about numerators, denominators and equivalence.

In PHSE we are starting to learn all about keeping healthy and what is meant by a balanced diet. We are planning a healthy menu for a birthday party so watch out Masterchef!