Week beginning 21st March

This week I had the great pleasure of teaching Maple Class. We had a very busy week brushing up on our decimal knowledge in maths. There are certainly some keen mathematicians who enjoyed the challenge of explaining their understanding. Armed with their new knowledge they tackled word problems confidently.

In history we researched Malala Yousafzai and thought about her experience of school and education and  how different it was from our schooling here in England. We then placed ourselves in her shoes and wrote very heartfelt diary entries…

In English we focused on an animation clip called Alma and we got to use our knowledge of other narratives to write an alternative ending.  What imaginative and, I have to add, sometimes gory writing they produced! Luckily, you will get to read them at Parents’ Evening.


Maple class were very lucky to have  our local talented artist, Genevieve (Finley’s mum), to teach us about Andy Warhol’s Pop Art. We explored the effect of vibrant colours and used them to celebrate Malala. The results are stunning ! Thank you, we loved it and look at our finishing pieces!


Thank you Maple Class for a wonderful week. I am sure you enjoyed having me teach you as much as I did! Have a fabulous weekend,

Ms Connolly