Week beginning 24th January

Lime class have been continuing with their stories, following on from the hook they wrote last week.  At each stage they have ‘peer marked’ their writing.  This means that they take turns to read, review and edit their with a partner.  The pairs work within careful guidelines to ensure that each of them feels safe and supported and this makes it a positive and constructive activity.

Through both our RE and our computing this week we have been learning about the meaning of the word identity.  In RE we listed all the things that made us who we are.  In Computing we though about what our on line identities looked like and how we can ensure that they help to keep us safe. The theme of safety was also used in our PSHE, where we used a risk robot to look at how we could change high risk situations into medium or even low risk ones by making changes to our behaviour and choices.

Science this week was so much fun! We recorded all the things that we knew about magnets and magnetism and then investigated our classroom with different magnets to see what we could prove to be true.

In Maths we continued to learn about multiplication and division and discovered that you could use ‘multiplication to count combinations’!  Why don’t you ask us what we mean?

In French this week we learned to sing ‘Old Macdonald had a farm’ but guess what?  In French!

Finally, to bring our week to a close, we experimented with ideas fo some designs to paint on birdboxes for a special competition – watch this space for more information soon……..