Week beginning 28th February

Lime class have been very busy learning Scientific vocabulary this week,  we discussed the words, watched video clips, matched them to their definitions and tried them out in sentences.

We read all about a Yeti sighting, acted it out and then wrote our own using some ambitious vocabulary.

In Geography we were learning all about contour lines. We made model mountains out of playdough and then drew them using contour lines to represent the number of milimetres high our mountains were above the level of the table.

One of our Governers popped in to read to us in celebration of world book day – we enjoyed some Roald Dahl – one of our favourites!

We had tremendous fun decorating our potatoes and we also took a look at some of the World book day videos to help us decide what to spend our £1 vouchers on.

We have also been busy practising our speed stacking skills so that we can enter a team into a local competition.