Welcome to Lime Class 15.9.23

A  very warm welcome to all of Lime Class – I do hope you had a lovely summer break and managed to find the sun at some point before school began.

KS2 is very busy and our children have been working hard. There were some tired but happy faces on Friday!

Our History topic this term focusses on Stone age Britain and this week we asked ourselves the question – was stone age man simply a hunter/gatherer? We looked at historical evidence to help us decide what our answer was.

Science this week was all about health, movement and the human body and we have begun by looking at nutrition and what makes a healthy diet.  We sorted picture cards of food into groups and drew our own version of a healthy meal, trying to make sure all food groups were represented in the correct proportions.

In Art we have been looking at primary colours and created our own paintings in the style of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist who used only primary colours along with black and white to create many of his pieces.

In English we have written some reports about unicorns and in spelling we have been learning about suffixes, prefixes and root words. We are also working hard on our cursive handwriting and presentation.

Maths has been all about place value and we have been reaching up into the thousands and finding out how we can partition numbers in different ways.

Our PE lessons have been all about invasion games  and using space, we have learnt hockey and football skills, passing and controlling the ball. We also enjoyed some mindful and peaceful yoga!

For RE the year 3 children began a series of lessons about Hinduism with the story about Rama and Sita whilst the year 4’s began to learn about Judaism. We began our computing topic by being online detectives and finding out if we can really believe everything that is posted on the internet.

In music we have started to look at gospel style songs and clap along with the rhythm and in PHSE we have thought about rules, why we need them and how they may be different in different places.

Inspired by Willow class, we wrote speeches about how well we would be suited to the role of class representative for the school council. Those of us who wanted to be considered for the role then bravely stood up and spoke in front of the class and we held an election.  All of our candidates were very strong and we were seriously impressed by their speeches – so confident and articulate!  The vote resulted in our new school council reps being Oscar and Ernie – congratulations!

We have also begun to learn a little French…so now you know why we are all so tired!!!!

Please check out the class letter for more information about topics, home learning and reading. There is a link on this page at the top.

Have a lovely weekend!